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No bride or groom wants their wedding affected by a guest getting a DUI – OR WORSE – being involved in an accident on the way home. The solution is to make your wedding guests aware of their options and encourage them to either have their own designated driver or to reserve a professional designated driver.

Captain’s Designated Drivers offers a full program for your wedding.

Every Friday and Saturday night, we set aside a limited number of spaces for weddings with the balance of spaces being reserved for our regular users.

Wedding Invitation Stuffers 

We have high quality double sided post cards (4.25″ X 5.5″) to include with your wedding invitations that explain in detail how our professional designated driver service would work for your wedding.

Tell us how many of these stuffers you want delivered to you by emailing

We also have the double sided post card as a PDF that you can post on your wedding website or attach to emails to your wedding guests. Just send an email to and we’ll email you a copy of the Wedding Stuffer PDF.

Business card displays for the bar(s) at your reception.

Tell us how many bars you will have at your reception by emailing with the name of your reception venue and your date and we will deliver business card display(s) with a wedding theme to your venue. NOTE: Phoning for a reservation once the reception has started may be too late!

If you have any questions about the services we offer for weddings just phone The Captain at 604-757-5900