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Here are the terms and conditions that apply to the designated driver service you have booked with Captain’s Designated Drivers Corp. and/or  Friends DD Ltd.

1. Shortly after your drivers start on route to you, your drivers will phone you with their exact ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). If you do not answer this phone call, the drivers will text you their ETA. “Your designated drivers are on route ETA _. Please acknowledge.” Your drivers will keep phoning and texting until you respond, but if you do not respond within 10 minutes, your drivers will assume you are not there and move on to their next customer and you will be charged a $30.00 cancellation fee. It is your responsibility to monitor your cell phone in the 30 minutes leading up to your reserved time (HINT: Set an alarm on your cell phone). “If you are in a very noisy venue and may have trouble hearing your phone, we recommend that you phone your driver prior to your scheduled pickup time to let them know you will be ready when they get there.”

2. “Pickup Times”. While we make every effort to pickup our customers at the time they request, we sometimes run late because customers before you delayed us by not being ready to go when their driver arrives. “Scheduled pickup time” is defined as “any time from the time requested to 30 minutes later.” If your driver arrives a few minutes early, please cooperate by being ready to go when they arrive. Your driver will give you their exact ETA once they are on route to pick you up. Please help our drivers stay on schedule by being ready to walk out the door at the ETA given to you.

3. “Flexible Pickup Time”. Captain’s Designated Drivers has a complete system to allow you to adjust your pickup time based on how your evening is going. Please learn to use this system to your advantage. As soon as a driver is assigned to you, you will receive a text message from our dispatch system that contains the name and cell phone number for your driver. If you would like to change your pickup time, open that text message and phone your driver AT LEAST ONE HOUR BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED PICKUP TIME and make your pickup time change request. You always know an hour ahead of time if you will be ready to go or not. If your driver cannot accommodate your request, your driver will phone the dispatcher who will then phone you with your options. (HINT: set an alarm on your cell phone for 70 minutes prior to your scheduled pickup time because time flies when you’re having fun!) To read more about “Flexible Pickup Time” please (CLICK HERE).

4. Help our drivers stay on schedule. Please be ready to leave when your drivers arrive. Once your drivers arrive, there is a “5 minute grace period” to get underway. After 5 minutes, the drivers will “start the meter” adding “waiting time” of $2.00 per minute. We don’t want to charge you this $2.00 per minute, but we do want to stay on schedule for all the rides that follow yours.

5. If you cancel the trip once the drivers are “on route” there is a $30.00 cancellation fee.

6. If you cancel the trip once the drivers have arrived, there is a $60.00 cancellation fee.

7. Dropoffs. We allow drop-offs on the route home. There is no extra cost. However, the addresses of all drop-offs must be given at the time of reserving a ride (so we can schedule accurately). A great way to take advantage of this feature is for the person who lives the furthest away to pickup others on route. If you pre-booked your safe ride and you want to add drop-offs once your driver arrives, it is your driver’s option whether to accept new drop-offs or not. Adding unscheduled drop-offs makes your ride longer and can throw your driver’s schedule off, which may inconvenience all subsequent rides. Please respect your driver’s decision on adding unscheduled drop-offs.

8. The fare is calculated using a Taximeter APP on the designated driver’s cell phone. Your driver will start the meter just before starting to drive and stop the meter when you arrive. Your driver will show you the meter reading at the end of the ride. You pay the driver with cash, credit card, debit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. 100% of all tips go to the drivers.

9. Receipts: Credit card and debit card receipts are emailed or texted to you at the time of payment. Cash receipts are issued by email the next day by scanning and emailing the original receipt (no duplicate receipts). Please give your driver your email address.

10. Extra charges

a. We have a $40.00 minimum fare. If the meter shows a fare of less than $40, the fare is $40.00.
b. $5.00 per fast food drive-thru, convenience store, liquor store or ATM stop. $10 on weekends.
c. $2.00 per minute waiting time after 5 minute grace period.
d. GST is included in fare.
e. We DO NOT charge extra for dropping off friends along the way.
f. There is NO EXTRA CHARGE for paying by credit card.
g. There is a $20.00 surcharge for daytime pickups from 6AM to 6PM.

Questions? Phone your driver or phone the dispatcher at 604-757-5900.

Complaints or suggestions? Phone The Captain the next day at 604-618-7067.

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