Got a question for the Captain?

You and your company do not want to be affected by a guest or employee getting a DUI – OR WORSE – being involved in an accident on the way home. You can avoid this liability by offering your guests and employees a safe ride home.

Captain’s Designated Drivers offers a full program for your corporate event including:

1. Invitation stuffers.

We have high quality 2 sided post cards for including in a mailed invitation or for placing in company mail boxes. Tell us how many of these stuffers you want delivered to you by emailing

2. Email attachments.

We have the double sided post card as a PDF that you can attach to emails to your guests and employees. We also have a Word.Doc to explain everything to your guests. Just send an email to or phone 604-757-5900 and we’ll email you a copy of both documents.

3. Business card displays for the bar(s) at your event.

Tell us how many bars you will have at your corporate event, the venue and your date and we will deliver business card displays to your venue. Just email or phone The Captain 604-757-5900.

4. Payment Options

a. User pay. Each individual would be responsible for their safe ride home.
b. Your company pays. At the end of your event, our drivers report the details of each ride and we prepare an invoice. We add a 15% tip for the drivers. NOTE: The included GST will be a line item.

If you have any questions just phone The Captain at 604-757-5900.