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Flexible Pickup Times

The Problem: “I am going out tonight and I want to reserve early to secure my safe ride BUT I don’t know exactly what time I will want to go home!”

The Solution: Learn to use Captain’s DD’s “Flexible Pickup Time” solution.

Here’s how “Flexible Pickup Times Works”.

Reasons to Choose Us

Excellent Drivers
Outstanding Reviews
You are given the Driver’s Phone #
You can talk to our dispatcher
Flexible Pickup Times
Metered Fare
Great Customer Service

94% On-Time Pickups

Captain’s Designated Drivers is the most on time company in Greater Vancouver. We accurately time out and schedule each ride. That’s one reason why we ask for all dropoff addresses at the time of booking. We are currently picking up “on time” 94% of the time. We define “on time” as within 30 minutes of the scheduled pickup time.

How it Works

How to book a ride or make a reservation.


We have one of the lowest fare structures in Greater Vancouver.

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